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Rosedale Reunion Sheet Front.pdf
Pamphlet from the 2019 Rosedale High School Reunion, held at the Homewood Senior Center on June 28, 2019.

Rosedale's 25th Sewing-Saving Club book detailing fees and fines such as the following costs: Birthday Fee (25 cents), Grapefruit Fee (30 cents), Club Dues ($1.00), and Waist Line Fee (10 cents). Also contains various letters, notes and contact…

Various songs of worship in a packet.

Distinguished award for John H. Prowell, graduate of Rosedale High School, Missing in Action 1944.

Essay on the development of Homewood.

Facts About Rosedale School .jpg
Booklet created to describe and detail the history of the Rosedale School from the period 1895-1969.

Fond Memories Booklet, narrated by Isaiah E. Robinson and written on by an anonymous individual. Details the Rosedale High School class of 1939-1942, describes the fires that burned the school down, and mentions numerous Rosedale individuals.

Eulogy Service Form .jpg
Pamphlet handed out at the funeral of Mrs. Laura Scott Howze, detailing the eulogistic service proceedings.
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