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Unfolding Memory: The Rosedale History Harvest


JONATHAN LAWSON: What do you want the people of Birmingham as a whole to know about this area?

HARRIET HALL PULLOM: It's that we love our community. We love our community. I would not move away. I just turned sixty in November, my kids say, “Ma you need to!” I want to be here. This is where I want to grow up and spend my life because it’s community, it’s love, it’s networking. And even though a lot of people have moved away, it’s nothing like coming back home and seeing those people.

This exhibit weaves oral history and artifacts into a narrative of Rosedale's communal memory.

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Voices from a Disputed Time


In 2019, a Samford University student group in Dr. Annalise DeVries' Digital History class chose to study the Rosedale School.  The group, self named Preserve, AL, was composed of Shae Corey, Wyatt Dunn, Robbie Nikont and Mia Owens. After months of research, the group produced an Esri Story Map detailing the activities of the school under the leadership of B.M Montgomery and the closure of the institution due to integration. This Story Map also explores the effects of school integration on the black neighborhood, and shows the increased movement of individuals away from Rosedale to pursue new opportunities. Additionally, the Story Map touches on current issues of gentrification and encroachment that Rosedale continues to face.

View the "Voices from a Disputed Time" Story Map about the  Rosedale School.

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