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Picture of Jerald Home at 1708 25 Terrace South, approximately 125 years old.

A picture of the Holt-Gibson family from 2014.

Series of photos and collages of Shepherd family and neighborhood friends.

A woman at the Rosedale History Harvest who requested that her picture be taken.

The Shepherd family's photographs depicting various individuals, the Rosedale School's band, and Rosedale buildings.

Photograph of Monroe and Elmira Shepherd taken in 1927 after they settled in Rosedale to make a home for their family.

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Fannie Ellis, Gertrude Mencer and Hattie White in Bethel A.M.E Church in 1963. Gertrude Mencer was an educator and was taught by Booker T. Washington at the Tuskegee Institute.
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