In 1926, the people of Rosedale, Alabama voted to incorporate into Homewood, a new municipality that operated as one of the first suburbs of Birmingham. Since then, Homewood has become associated with some of the best of the state—good schools, fashionable restaurants and shops, verdant public parks, and a thriving housing market. Yet this narrative of progress and improvement has largely excluded Rosedale. Instead, the historically black neighborhood has increasingly faced gentrification and encroachment by the expansion of the downtown Homewood business district.

The Rosedale Memory Project makes the Rosedale neighborhood’s distinct history identifiable and accessible. Founded in the late-1800s, the area has a rich communal history. As an African-American neighborhood in the segregated South, Rosedaleans maintained intense bonds with their neighbors, created thriving businesses and churches, and founded their own school. Lifelong Rosedale residents still remember walking through the forest and picking fruit off of bushes, baptisms in the water at Spring Park, and sleeping on the front porch with all the doors open. In a time of racial inequality, they took immense pride in manicuring their lawns, beautifying the streets and ensuring that their children had access to education and opportunity. 

The Rosedale Memory Project began in 2019 as a partnership between Samford University faculty and students and the Rosedale Community Development Corporation. As the project continues, our goal is to make Rosedale’s history readily available to other academic researchers and the community at large.

Recently Added Items

Rosedale Alma Mater


Rosedale High School's Alma Mater recorded at the 2019 Rosedale High Reunion at the Homewood Senior Citizen's Center.

Frances Jones Interview

Frances Jones narrates her childhood experiences in Rosedale, describing her family, friends and home life. She discusses her time at the Rosedale…

Funeral Pamphlet for Mrs. Laura Scott Howze

Eulogy Service Form .jpg

Pamphlet handed out at the funeral of Mrs. Laura Scott Howze, detailing the eulogistic service proceedings.

Jones Family Photograph

Photo Jones .jpg

Mallie Jones holds Sonyan Beverly Moss Jones in her lap.

Madolyn Jones Wyatt Interview

Wyatt, Madolyn Jones.mp3

Madolyn Jones Wyatt discusses her attendance at Rosedale High School and her experience with integration in the tenth grade. She also recounts her…

Phyllis Theresa Shepherd Interview

Shephard, Phyllis Theresa.WAV

Phyllis Theresa Shepherd describes her numerous visits to Rosedale to see her two sets of grandparents, who lived across the street from one another.…

Josephine Jerald Interview

Jerald, Josephine.mp3

Josephine Jerald details her life in Rosedale, Alabama and the changes she has seen within the community over time.

Harriet Hall Pullom Interview

Pullom, Harriet Hall.mp3

Harriet Hall Pullom narrates her experience living in Rosedale "90%" of her life. She recalls childhood memories of the area and speaks of her current…